CPhI Verified

Benefit from being listed on CPhI Online as a company with a CPhI Verified certificate. Gain trust with buying organisations by giving them the assurance you have achieved a defined benchmark. Stand out from the thousands of company listed by demonstrating compliance, gain assurance of supply chain compliance against key risk areas, and more!

  • Benefit from appearing on CPhI Online as a CPhI Verified company
  • Buyers can search and filter on CPhI Verified companies
  • Gain trust with buying organisations by giving them the assurance you have achieved a defined benchmark
  • Gain a competitive advantage by demonstrating compliance
  • Externally verified information – showing impartiality in the process
  • Gain assurance of supply chain compliance against key risk areas
How it Works
  1. SGS shares the Self-Assessment Questionnaire to be filled with the company’s information
  2. The Self-Assessment Questionnaire is sent back to SGS
  3. SGS checks the information provided
  4. Once SGS has verified the information, the Company Profile on CPhI Online will be updated with the CPhI Verified logo and a Welcome Pack will be sent
Our Partner


As one of the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification companies, SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity, it has more than 2600 offices and laboratories around the world.

Service Type

Inspection, Testing, Certification, Verification


Consumer and Retail
Health and Safety
Governments and Institutions
Food and Life
Trusted by the Industry


  • What is CPhI Verified?

    CPhI Verified is a supplier qualification programme created through a partnership between SGS and CPhI for members of the CPhI Online platform.

    The reason behind this partnership is that our customers expressed that they would like to work with trusted partners. Also, they want to know that the companies they want to do business with on CPhI Online are legitimate and have been verified.

    This process is to undertake an evaluation of the suppliers and how they are meeting key risk criteria.

    By participating in the programme suppliers will achieve the CPhI Verified mark.

  • How can I get CPhI Verified?

    CPhI Verified is included within the Platinum membership on CPhI Online. This must be purchased in order to be verified. Please, check the Memberships' page.

  • Which areas of my company will be checked?

    The areas that will be checked are:

    • Company Information
    • Insurance
    • Quality Management
    • Health And Safety
    • Environment
    • Cooperate Social Responsibility
    • Broader Engagement, Management Systems
  • How long is CPhI Verified valid for?

    The verification is valid for 12 months. After this period, if the membership hasn’t been cancelled, then the verification process will start again.