Croda invests in Vaccine Adjuvants

10 Jul 2019

Croda has strengthened its pharmaceutical offering by acquiring Brenntag Biosector (Biosector), for a total consideration of €72 million in cash.

The acquisition of Biosector will give Croda access to an industry renowned product portfolio of adjuvants, including the well-known brands Alhydrogel® and Adju-Phos®, as well as their technically advanced saponin-based adjuvant systems.

Croda invests in Vaccine Adjuvants
Vaccine adjuvants

Through this acquisition, Croda will not only gain ownership to Biosector’s rich development pipeline for second and third generation adjuvant platforms but will also become the only adjuvant supplier in the world with an aseptic and GMP certified manufacturing site for vaccine adjuvants.

Croda will leverage its own dedicated global sales network to accelerate Biosector’s growth. Furthermore, the acquisition will enable Croda to better support their existing customers through increased breadth of offering and additional technical expertise in vaccine adjuvants.

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