CuraCase™ - Hypodermic needles (Hard-Case)

Product description

Nipro is offering hypodermic needles in hard case packaging.

  • The robust design of the hard case enables reliable loading onto a line and by-packing while preventing damage to the packaging
  • Needle hub and D2F™ syringe tips (luer/Luer lock lock) are conform to ISO 80369-7, allowing a proper connection
  • An ergonomic design of the shield and cap provide a firm grip resulting in an easy opening and removal of the cap
  • The V-bevel design of the needle combined with homogeneously siliconized cannula support smooth puncture and insertion
  • In addition, a color-coded hub facilitates confirmation of selected gauge size

Broad range
  • Outer diameter: 21 to 29G
  • Length: ⁵⁄₈" | 1" | 1 ¼" | 1 ½"

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