Custom Lipids

Custom Lipids
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Evonik has over three decades of experience formulating liposomes and lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) using variety of different lipids. Evonik also manufactures lipids, including those used in mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. We harbor a deep understanding of liposomes and LNPs, including formulation, scale up, and characterization, and as a result we recognize the crucial role of lipids in these formulations. We support our clients with custom lipid projects by combining this understanding with decades of expertise in process development, analytics, scale up, validation and GMP manufacturing. Regardless of your current scale and requirements, Evonik can support with non-GMP and GMP capabilities from small-scale through large-scale production.

Evonik Industries AG

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Evonik Industries AG

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More Products from Evonik Industries AG

  • EUDRACAP Functional ready-to-fill capsules

    Product EUDRACAP Functional ready-to-fill capsules

    EUDRACAPTM functional ready-to-fill capsules can optimize your release profile, protect your active ingredients, and help accelerate your speed to market. EUDRACAP™ is ideal for use with active ingredients which are sensitive to heat, moisture or gastric acid to optimize absorption and avoid premature dissolution. Our versatile platform of catalog and customizable coating options, strong regulatory track record, and extensive formulation and cGMP services can reduce time to clinical trials and support commercial scale-up.

  • EUDRATEC Fasteric

    Product EUDRATEC Fasteric

    A new oral drug delivery technology providing enteric protection followed by rapid, homogeneous release for effective pH targeting of the upper small intestine where there is a narrow absorption window.

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  • EUDRAGIT IR ReadyMix White

    Product EUDRAGIT IR ReadyMix White

    Ready. Mix. Go. Reduce processing time and cost. Enhance glossiness and swallowability. EUDRAGIT IR ReadyMix White is a new ready-to-use powder blend of our fast-dissolving immediate release coating EUDRAGIT® E PO, which has been trusted by pharmaceutical companies worldwide to enhance the functionality of their oral dosage forms for many years.
    • Fast and easy to process to boost productivity and reduce risk
    • Superior swallowability plus an elegant,high-gloss appearance
    For more information please contact us our download a brochure from our Oncare platform:
  • EUDRAGIT® Functional Polymers

    Product EUDRAGIT® Functional Polymers

    Evonik is a global development partner and solutions provider for oral drug delivery. For more than 60 years, we have been providing renowned pharmaceutical and biotech companies with oral drug delivery solutions to help them enhance drug performance, reduce project complexity, increase speed to market and strengthen supply security. In addition to our market-leading portfolio of EUDRAGIT® functional excipients, we offer a selection of differentiated oral drug delivery technologies, best-in-class formulation and application services and high-quality cGMP-compliant clinical manufacturing and scale-up support. This integrated portfolio can help to release the true value and properties of small molecules and biologics developed in oral solid dosage forms in areas such as solubility enhancement, patient acceptance, drug protection, gastric resistance, colon administration, time-controlled release, alcohol resistance, personalized medicine, 3D printing and microbial delivery. 

    Product KALCAT

    KALCAT products are activated metal catalysts based on nickel. These versatile products are suitable for hydrogenation reactions and are delivered in water. Easy to handle, KALCAT™ products are used for the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients, flavors and fragrances and polyols.

  • Parenteral drug delivery solutions

    Product Parenteral drug delivery solutions

    Evonik is one of the world’s leading CDMOs for parenteral drug delivery. For complex parenteral drug products designed for systemic, targeted or localized delivery, we are uniquely positioned to serve as a global development partner and solutions provider. Our parenteral drug delivery portfolio includes the market-leading RESOMER® portfolio of functional excipients, as well as contract manufacturing services for your own proprietary excipients. Our CDMO services include the formulation development, process development, GMP drug manufacturing and aseptic filling of drug products that utilize polymeric or lipid-based delivery technologies. This integrated portfolio of excipients and CDMO services for parenteral drug delivery has helped countless customers to help their patients by transforming small molecules, peptides, proteins, nucleic acids, synthetic vaccines and other drug substances into high-performance medicines.
  • PhytoChol®: Plant-derived cholesterol

    Product PhytoChol®: Plant-derived cholesterol

    Plant-derived cholesterol for mRNA delivery, gene therapy and cell culture: Our plant-derived PhytoChol® provides you with a secure and stable supply of synthetic cholesterol. Evonik supplies PhytoChol® in two grades that are tailored to the specific needs of injectable drug delivery and biopharmaceutical cell culture applications.
  • Lipid nanoparticles

    Product Lipid nanoparticles

    Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) enable the delivery of a variety of molecules, including nucleic acids such as mRNA, to cells and are therefore an essential tool in gene therapy. To unleash the potential of vaccines, protein and gene therapies, drug developers need the support of a trusted and experienced provider of novel functional excipients who understands how to overcome biological barriers and optimize new and emerging drugs. Evonik Health Care has decades of experience working with all types of drug delivery technologies including lipids, lipid formulations and lipid production methods. With its laboratories near Vancouver, British Columbia, formerly known as Transferra Nanosciences Inc. or Northern Lipids, Evonik Health Care is a leading CDMO for lipid nanoparticles and liposome-based formulations. 
  • cQrex high quality cell culture ingredients and performance boosters for biological manufacturing

    Product cQrex high quality cell culture ingredients and performance boosters for biological manufacturing

    • Highly purified amino acids: the reliable basis forreproducible cell culture media performance
    • Chemically defined boosters: peptides and ketoacidsovercoming key challenges in mammalian cell culture
    • Products on demand: customized media ingredientsfrom functionalized amino acids to complex molecules
    • Application services: screenings and boosterdevelopment at your disposal
    All products are animal-origin free andreadily available at commercial scale.
    Order our cQrex®️ sample kit combining dipeptides and a keto acid to determine how you can optimize the stability and solubility of media ingredients to improve the performance of media and processes. Email us at [email protected] to request a kit now.

  • API Contract Manufacturing

    Product API Contract Manufacturing

    Evonik is one of the world’s largest contract manufacturing organizations, with a Western-centered manufacturing network that can be relied upon to supply APIs, HPAPIs and intermediates up to the largest commercial volumes. Our unique core competencies across chemistry, biotechnology and engineering, combined with a proud record of performance for quality, supply security and sustainability, also make us a strong choice to serve as your preferred partner regardless of project size or complexity. Few custom contract manufacturing organizations in the world can rival our ability to combine the right advanced technologies, processes and manufacturing sites to minimize regulatory and scale-up risks. Whether you are a pharmaceutical company, or seeking to commercialize advanced food ingredients or nature-identical products through microbial fermentation, we have the global scale, expertise and flexibility to address your specific project requirements.


    Product METALYST MC

    Metalyst MC products are activated metal catalysts based on nickel, cobalt or copper which are utilized in hydrogenation reactions. These products are delivered either in water or as embedded material in distearylamine (DSA) or polyethylene glycol (PEG) for water-free processes. These products are used worldwide for diverse applications in the care specialties industry, feed and food, pharmaceuticals and the agricultural industry.

  • EUDRAGUARD functional coatings

    Product EUDRAGUARD functional coatings

    Experts at Evonik have developed the EUDRAGUARD toolbox - functional, aqueous or solvent based coatings to enable targeted delivery of ingredients to all parts of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. As the next generation for nutraceutical formulations, EUDRAGUARD®coatings provide an exceptional sensory experience and can be tailored to specific requirements, while addressing key challenges of nutraceutical coatings.Advantages: Pigments, flavors and fragrances can be added to the formulation, smooth, even finish for visual appeal and swallowability, low weight gain of polymer needed (mainly for synthetic polymers), Quick and easy suspension preparation, short spraying times, low spraying temperature, works on all types of oral solid dosages forms (tablets, hard shell and soft gel capsules, multiparticulates), no batch-to-batch variation of the polymer - reproducible results for coating, may be used on conventional coating equipment, non-animal derived

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