Custom Peptide Synthesis

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Synthesis, analysis, and purification of natural occurring peptides. By producing peptides from mg- to g-quantities, we are able to fulfill all our customers´ requirements. On a contract research basis, we are also able to offer the development of new routes for the peptide scale-up production up to multi-gram quantities. ModificationsWe have experience with synthetic methods of modifying peptides by affecting the backbone, or by incorporating unusual building blocks. We also have experience with cyclisation procedures and synthesis of lipopeptides and peptolides. Biotinylation, phosphorylation and other biological relevant modifications are also standard techniques.  Antigen conjugatesOur services include advice on antigenic peptide selection, synthesis, and attachment to protein-carriers by different methods for anti-peptide antibody production. Besides conventional peptide-conjugates on KLH, BSA or OVA-carriers, we also offer special products such as multiple antigenic peptides (MAPs) or PEG-attached peptide conjugates.  
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Custom Peptide Synthesis

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