23 Sep 2022

Cyclolab's brochure on Dexolve

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Cyclolab's brochure on Dexolve (Sulfobutyl-betadex) 

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  • HU
  • 2019
    On CPHI since
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  • 50 - 99
Company types
Drug delivery device Supplier/Manufacturer
Primary activities
Contract Research Organisation
Excipients Manufacturer

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  • News Company introduction – Cyclolab Cyclodextrin Research and Development Ltd

    CycloLab Cyclodextrin Research and Development Ltd. is a private SME with the focus on cyclodextrin research and development for over 30 years. We are working in the fields of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry, agrochemical, environmental and analytical applications of cyclodextrins.
  • News Remdesivir with Dexolve: fight against COVID-19

    CycloLab, being involved in the fight, manufactures the critical excipient: sulfobutyl-ether-BCD (SBECD, Dexolve™) that enables Remdesivir to work. The unexpected and sudden outbreak along with the quick spread of the coronavirus-disease and rapid increase of the cases draw a sudden need for Dexolve.