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The Life Sciences business of GE Healthcare provides a wide range of bioprocessing products and services that enable the development and manufacture of high-quality biotherapeutics and vaccines. Using our knowledge and expertise, we support our customers in increasing speed to market, while avoiding unnecessary costs and improving quality and performance in drug manufacturing. As a provider of high-quality products, customized technical and commercial services, as well as design and construction of complete biomanufacturing solutions, we support the biopharmaceutical industry in making health visions a reality. 

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Products from Cytiva (3)

  • Fast Trak Training & Education

    Product Fast Trak Training & Education

    Gain specialist knowledge in bioprocessingWith our Fast Trak education, you can access application training in specialized bioprocessing techniques. The courses provide a tangible learning experience for process development and manufacturing scientists, relevant to everyday work. 

  • FlexFactory configurable single-use platform

    Product FlexFactory configurable single-use platform

    The heart of a bioprocessing facility is the processing equipment needed to manufacture life-saving therapeutics. FlexFactory single-use technology reduces capital expenses and contamination risk, and enables multi-product facilities. Integrated automation streamlines productivity and data analysis.
  • KUBio prefabricated manufacturing facilities

    Product KUBio prefabricated manufacturing facilities

     In biomanufacturing the only certainty is risk and the only constant is change. Future proofing any capacity expansion to allow for the unknown product or technology is challenging. Location, personnel, timing, process, and planning are critical success factors. KUBio modular facilities are designed to ...