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21 Mar 2022

DALI Medical’s SAN®Light Passive Safety Needle coupled with a novel drug product, enabling user-friendly administration

DALI Medical Devices, an innovative developer and distributor of drug delivery devices, today announced the first commercial implementation of its SAN-Light passive safety needle.

DALI’s novel safety needle - SAN®Light - launched with ADVANZ PHARMA’s MYTOLAC®/MYRELEZ® drug product. (PRNewsfoto/DALI Medical Devices Ltd.)

SAN-Light was chosen to be used with ADVANZ PHARMA's MYTOLAC®/MYRELEZ® - the first generic lanreotide drug product for the treatment of acromegaly and gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (GEP-NETs), which to date has been launched in two EU markets. ADVANZ's product incorporates a prefilled syringe and a special version of SAN-Light needle that was customized to fit to the drug parameters and users' needs. SAN-Light was selected for the product in large part because of its user-friendly design and easy customization to fit the syringe.

SAN-Light is a unique, single-use sterile hypodermic safety needle that is compatible with any Luer-lock syringe for subcutaneous or intramuscular drug administration. It is part of DALI's SAN® (Safe Auto Needle) family of safety injectable drug delivery devices, all of which enable a more safe and easy-to-use injecting experience for a wide range of formulations.

The SAN-Light enables an enhanced experience for patients and the people who administer the injections, whether they are healthcare professionals, family members or patients. The automatically activated (passive) needle shield reduces needle-stick injuries, and the partially hidden needle alleviates needle anxiety. Additional design features further facilitate injections.

"We are delighted to have worked with ADVANZ PHARMA on this important, unique solution," said David Daily, CEO of DALI. "It's a win-win collaboration that helps patients and enhances the commercialization of ADVANZ PHARMA's drug product by enabling a better experience and ease of administration."

About DALI Medical Devices Ltd.

DALI has been developing drug delivery devices from concept to commercialisation for pharmaceutical and medical device companies since 2003. DALI offers patient-centric solutions for both healthcare professionals and for self-injection at home. The addition of a DALI injector boosts the value of a medication for patients, enabling reduced perception of pain, less anxiety, and better adherence to treatment plans.

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