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Datwyler provides high-quality, system-critical elastomer components and has a leading position in the global healthcare market. Within the healthcare solutions business area, Datwyler develops, designs, and manufactures solutions for injectable packaging and drug delivery systems to facilitate customers to create a safer medical environment of tomorrow. Looking back onto more than 100 years of history, Datwyler is a reliable partner, now and in the future! 

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Products from Datwyler Pharma Packaging USA, Inc.

  • OmniFlex™ Stoppers

    Product OmniFlex™ Stoppers

    OmniFlex™ Stoppers are co-molded and 100% spray coated with Datwyler’s proprietary inert fluoropolymer coating to protect drug formulations, minimize silicone contamination with a no-added silicone design, and keep leachables, extractables, and particle contamination out.
  • NeoFlex™ Plungers

    Product NeoFlex™ Plungers

    NeoFlex™ Plungers offer consistent break loose and gliding forces for syringes and cartridges with no-added silicone.
  • DuraCoat™ Combiseals

    Product DuraCoat™ Combiseals

    DuraCoat™ Combiseals: Next-gen aluminum seals combine high-quality alloy with protective laminate.
  • PrimeCap™

    Product PrimeCap™

    PrimeCap™ for flawless machinability on highspeed vial filling lines.
  • StarterPack™

    Product StarterPack™

    Start Off on the Right Track to Scale Up Datwyler’s StarterPack™.For biotech accelerators and incubators as well as established R&D operations, Datwyler’s StarterPack™ offers a comprehensive packaging solution for early drug development. Contents include Datwyler OmniFlex™ stoppers, PrimeCap™, and SCHOTT adaptiQ® glass vials — all ready to use — for a compatible packaging solution that offers drug efficacy, stability, scalability, and, ultimately, patient safety.

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