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11 Oct 2012

Dedicated budgets for medical publication teams 'linked to higher output'

Setting aside a dedicated budget for medical publication tends to be associated with a higher output of manuscripts and abstracts, a report has shown.

In-house medical publication teams that have dedicated budgets in place tend to produce a greater number of manuscripts and abstracts each year, a study has found.

Cutting Edge Information surveyed a number of pharmaceutical medical publications teams and found that more than nine in ten high-output teams had dedicated budgets.

The pharmaceutical intelligence firm observed that companies that commit to the production of medical publications in this way tend to have a higher output of material.

In contrast, just 67 per cent of low-output teams had dedicated budgets in place.

Ryan McGuire, research team leader at Cutting Edge Information, said: "High-output teams exist because their companies have committed to the medical publication group's objectives.

"The foremost and most basic statement of that commitment is to establish a dedicated budget."

Pharmaceutical companies that produce large numbers of medical publications tend to benefit from the greater exposure to doctors and other medical professionals, who may be more likely to prescribe their products.

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