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6 Jul 2021

Delicious sugar-free pectin gummy supplements in your own brand!

As modern life takes its toll on children and adults alike, and with increasing awareness of the issues that impact our planet, the demand for vegan nutritional supplements is steadily rising.

Being at the forefront of research and developments in the field of nutraceuticals, Laboratoria Natury has not only invested in the technology to manufacture pectin-based gummies, but also developed various sugar-free options to address the concerns related to glycemic index and dental health.

With younger consumers in mind, Laboratoria Natury developed many functional formulas to cover a wide range of nutritional needs, then painstakingly tested and refined each formula to achieve the perfect shape, color, smell and taste, to ensure that children will love looking after their health.

Our team of product development experts will be happy to help you get the right supplements for your brand. Contact us today at [email protected]

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