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20 Feb 2013

Diagnovus designs assay for DLBCL

Diagnovus' new gene expression assay aims to provide more accurate risk profiles for DLBCL patients.

Diagnovus has launched a new commercial gene expression assay that was developed to help physicians improve risk predictions (risk stratification) and treatments for patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL).

This is an aggressive tumour that can form in most parts of the body and is a common sub-type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, appearing in seven to eight cases per 100,000 people each year.

Diagnovus's new assay, Engaugetm-cancer-DLBCL, combines the results of gene expression testing with a current diagnostic tools to provide a more accurate prediction of likely patient outcomes.

At present, physicians calculate DLBCL risk progression using the International Prognostic Index, however the company intends its assay to provide more accurate forecasts based on the underlying biology of the tumours.

"Traditional stratification schemes based on clinical characteristics such as the IPI have provided prognostic guidance in the management of patients with DLBCL," said Dr Ron Levy, head of Stanford University School of Medicine's lymphoma programme.

However, he added: "Despite the ease of use, IPI does not fully capture disease heterogeneity and it is common to have two patients with identical IPI risk scores have very different outcomes."

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