Diosmectite + Prebiotic Fibers (Gastro Metabolism – Antidiarrhea)

Product description

Diosmectite and prebiotic fibers provides a rapid relief in the oral treatment of acute and chronic diarrhea due to infections, antibiotic treatment, dyspepsia and it is recommended in the painful symptoms associated with gastrointestinal disorders. Diosmectite is a natural mineral clay with a crystalline structure with strong adsorbent properties retaining liquids in the intestinal lumen, Prebiotic fibers help restore intestinal balance of bacterial flora.  
- Presentation: 10-20 sachets containing 3 g Diosmectite  and 2 g Prebiotic Fibers
- Class: Medical Device IIa
- CE Mark expiry date: 07/2021

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Categories Natural ExtractsDietary Fiber; Pharmaceutical PackagingMedical Devices and Medical Packaging
Supplied from Italy
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