DPL-BioPharm – Innovative Salts for Biopharma

19 Sep 2019

Dr. Paul Lohmann® has recently developed three new products to ease and optimize Downstream processes within biopharmaceutical production.

The first product is Sodium Chloride solution Low in Endotoxins DPL-BioPharm, which helps to prevent critical endotoxin contamination during cleaning and purification steps. Therefore, a reduced usage of ultrafiltration will save time and costs.

DPL-BioPharm – Innovative Salts for Biopharma

The other new products are two free flowing Acetates and Sulfates. Within Downstream processes, these salts are used as buffer and protein precipitation agents. Due to the hygroscopic nature of many Acetates and Sulfates, these important process aids tend to block and therefore inhibit seamless manufacturing processes.

Dr. Paul Lohmann® recently developed free flowing Magnesium Acetate 4-hydrate and Sodium Sulfate 10-hydrate to enable optimized handling in downstream processes.

For further information meet Dr. Paul Lohmann® in Hall 4.2/Stand 42D14.