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Drug delivery innovator leads industry with state-of-the art virtual event experience

1 Oct 2020

Ahead of the CPhI Festival of Pharma, Informa Markets met with Carolyn Penot, Director of Operational Marketing at Aptar Pharma, a company renowned for its drug delivery innovation, to talk about how they are bringing this innovative approach into the virtual event and pioneering new forms of customer engagement. Notably, Aptar Pharma has really led by example, launching a bespoke virtual exhibition booth to bring a truly immersive environment to the Festival. Their virtual booth is designed to provide attendees with interactive tools and mirrors the real-life experience of in-person trade events.

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Can you tell us a bit aboutAptar Pharma?

Aptar Pharma is a leading supplier of complete drug delivery solutions for both pharma and biotech companies globally with 14 GMP sites, we partner with customers on novel delivery approaches and solutions across everything from prescription drugs to over-the-counter and injectables.

Our approach is to work with innovators early in drug development so that we can help them select the most appropriate delivery solution. However, beyond devices we also offer a range of value-added services to help expedite our customers' development processes, including analytical services and regulatory support. Ultimately, we are offering customers a complete range of solutions and continued support throughout their drug's lifecycle.

What are you looking to achieve from the Festival of Pharma?

TheCPhI Festival of Pharmaserves as a multi-purpose event for a company like ours. On the one hand, we have our global salesforce attending, meeting with not only current customers, but also new business leads. On the other hand, a scientific-oriented team is both contributing and consuming content sessions to expand our knowledge base.

Additionally, we are also very excited to have been selected again as finalists in the CPhI Awards, as it's really important to be recognised for excellence amongst our peers. Aptar Pharma is a big believer in celebrating innovation and we really look forward to being inspired by all the winners.

Are there any particular products that you are looking to promote?

We launched a new add-on connected device for metered dose inhalers at the end of last year, so that's going to be a key product on the booth, as well as our Unidose Trainer Device and PureHale; a portable and ready-to-use drug delivery solution designed for upper respiratory care. But of course, COVID-19 is also front and centre at the event and we supply componentry for vaccine manufacturers, such as rubber vial stoppers and pre-filled syringes for injectables, so there is understandably great interest here. Additionally, COVID-19 has also driven a number of other new trends. For instance, many companies are looking at drug repurposing existing medicines into COVID-related treatments, and how they can provide value-added benefits through improved delivery to new routes, say via nasal delivery.

What is your perspective on the supply chain, as it's an area that has received much coverage recently?

Many companies are now looking at how to ensure they have a flexible and robust supply chain. But for Aptar Pharma, this has only served to highlight the benefits of working with us, as we are able to manufacture in multiple sites across several continents, which is very reassuring for our partners.

Aptar Pharma is a Platinum Sponsor for the event; could you give us some insight on your decision behind this?

The platinum sponsorship enabled us to bring unlimited team members from Aptar Pharma to the event, which is very important, as a virtual setting affords - for both ourselves and our customers - the opportunity to meet with contacts that would not normally attend CPhI worldwide. For example, a potential partner from Asia or the USA, if their own local shows were cancelled. It also enabled us to sponsor and present during key programme content, which is important for us to continue to present our thought leadership to this international audience.

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You have developed a virtual booth for the Festival of Pharma; what was your motivation to do this, to develop something so bespoke?

We believe in going the extra mile for customers. So rather than dip our toe into a virtual event; we have chosen to showcase exactly what we are about as a company, what our ethos is, and bring to life the story of our innovations and global delivery capabilities. It's an opportunity for us to stand-out, over and above our competitors.

But it's also part of a wider commitment to a customer-first approach, to look at how the world is changing and, how we communicate in an engaging way. We felt very strongly that it was extremely important to do justice to our innovations and give a rich environment to showcase our portfolio of devices and technologies. The virtual booth we have created will provide the opportunity to interact with not only products, but also multi-media videos, brochures, scientific publications and of course our sales team.

Our goal is for people to really spend time getting to know us, our offerings and our capabilities. I think you need to put in that extra effort to make it worthwhile for customers. But equally, showcasing our efforts at the Festival of Pharma is just another way to demonstrate the dedication we bring to every partner we work with, and every project we work on.

Aptar Pharma at the CPhI Festival of Pharma

Tim McLeroy, Executive Director of Marketing and Patient Services at Noble, an Aptar Pharma company, will be speaking at the Festival of Pharma on the Future of Drug Delivery (Tuesday 6thOctober: 11:00 -12:00 CET).

Sai Shankar, Vice President of Global Digital Healthcare Systems at Aptar Pharma will as well be partaking in a live webinar on the ‘Trends in Pharma Packaging, Administration & Drug Delivery Devices (Thursday 8th October: 15:30 - 17:00 CET).

Please also make sure to visit Aptar's virtual booth as part of the Platinum Showcases.

Clickhere to see the CPhI Festival of Pharma Agenda in full

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