Drug Delivery Systems


A powerful new tool for the separation of charged species

A new analytical tool, Electrical Asymmetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation (EAF4) is showing much promise in biopharmaceutical and nanoparticle applications.

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Spanish CDMO invests €200k to protect clients' products

Investment will enable Idifarma to both serialise commercial batches manufactured by them for clients and offer standalone serialisation services.

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Best practice tips for selecting a prepared media supplier

What does a good supplier look like? Andrew Ramage, Microbiology Product Specialist at Cherwell Laboratories, advises how to take the guesswork out of the search.

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  • Berry Global, Inc
  • Vetter
  • Nemera
  • Aero Pump GmbH
  • Haemopharm Healthcare S.r.l.
  • NTC S.r.l.
  • Lablabo
  • tesa Labtec GmbH
  • Altergon Italia S.r.l.
  • Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH
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Latest products

Development and Manufacturing by Contract

IntelGenx Corp

IntelGenx offers full service to foster the growth of its partners.

Our State-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the most modem equipment to deliver high-quality, cost-effective film products, while accommodating client requirements at each stage of product development.

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SILSOL® Silica-based Drug Delivery Technology


SILSOL® silica-based drug delivery technology provides solutions for poorly soluble active ingredients. It is based on a compendial silica that is fully scalable, giving pharmaceutical developers new options to enhance bioavailability of poorly soluble BCS2 compounds, especially during early research and...

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Ophthalmic Multidose Systems

Aero Pump GmbH

Aero Pump provides ophthalmic multidose systems. It is a patented system and has easy application due to reduced required operating force. Application: For different target groups, convenient application, low actuation force, suitable for existing glass and plastic containers, filling on standard pump process...

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Water soluble Lubricant for effervescent formulations

Stearinerie Dubois

Water soluble powders for your effervescent formulations.

It plays the role of Anifoam and dispersing agent in the main time.

Send us to for samples and more technical support.

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Vetter Packaging Solutions


At every stage of your product’s life cycle, there are many packaging questions to consider – from ensuring material compatibility to meeting the growing demand for patient-friendly systems. Vetter can help you identify and develop the right packaging strategies for your compound, from clinical developme...

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Super Refined™ Pharmaceutical Excipients for Topical Applications

Croda Europe Ltd

There is a growing need to address the challenges that can affect topical drug delivery, such as: API instability, poor API solubilisation and skin irritation that reduces patient compliance.

Croda’s Super Refined™ excipients can maximise the value of topical drug products and ad...

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Ziprasidone HCl

Lee Pharma Limited

Lee Pharma provides a wide range of pharmaceutical products which includes Ziprasidone HCl. It belongs to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients - Anti-Psychotic Therapeutic Category. Contact us for more information.

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NEWGUARD is a new generation of integrated passive safety device compatible with various sizes of stacked needles PFS. This innovation solution generates new benefits for pharmaceutical companies in terms of supply chain, TCO and packaging. Newguard meets both the economic criteria and the end users protectio...

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ESMOBLOC 2500 mg/250 ml

Polifarma Ilac San. Ve Tic. A.S.

Therapeutic Area: BETA BLOCKER

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Technology transfer of nano and microparticle formulations

Mjr Pharmjet GmbH

Understanding your needs through experience. MJR PharmJet provides technology transfer services for your established nanoparticle and microparticle formulations to increase the GMP compliance and efficiency of the production process.

Our technology transfer services include:

  • Prod...
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    Watery hydrogel patch

    Altergon Italia S.r.l.

    Altergon offers wide range of drug products which includes watery hydrogel patch. Contact us for more information.

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    Sustained Release

    Barentz International B.V.

    Barentz International B.V provides wide range of pharmaceutical ingredients and additives which includes sustained release. Contact us for more information.

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    Sterile Blister

    Pharmapan AG

    Portions of sensitive single-use liquids and pastes are traditionally packaged using the blow-fill-seal method (BFS). However, in general this is complex and inflexible. When it comes to the manufacturing of aseptic packages, sterile blisters from Rohrer provide an innovative, cost-effective, and envi...

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    Fillchoice room

    Haemopharm Healthcare S.r.l.

    Fillchoice® room is the first medical device that provides a compounding pharmacy incorporated in a bag and it has been shortlisted as “best innovation” for the Packaging Category of the CPhI Pharma Awards in 2014.
    It is a new concept of compounding pharmacy: you can manipulate and reconstitute the drug ...

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    Hyaluronic acid 2% + Chamomile extract 1%

    NTC S.r.l.

    NTC S.r.l. offers a wide range of dermatologic medical devices which includes hyaluronic acid 2% + chamomile extract 1%. Usage: small burns and sunburns, vasculopathic ulcers, sores and grazes, skin wounds, rhagades, dry and damaged skin. Packaging: 100ml Foam. Contact us for more information.

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    Active ingredients

    Lipoid AG

    Lipoid offer a wide variety of phospholipids for use in the production of drug products which includes active ingredients . It belongs to ultraspheres® brands prducts category. It is safe and very well tolerated by the human skin. It support the transport of active ingredients, such as fat-soluble vitamins or...

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    Smart Connected metered-dose inhaler

    H&T Presspart

    H&T Presspart and Cohero Health have developed the first market-ready, fully embedded and connected metered-dose inhaler (MDI).By tracking and recording data on the use of medications, and sharing it with patients and physicians via a mobile or web app, the eMDI enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to bri...

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    Selfdose™ patient-controlled injector

    West Pharmaceutical Services Inc

    The SelfDose patient-controlled injector is an off-the-shelf delivery system that is ergonomically designed for optimal patient administration.

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    3M Intelligent Control Inhaler


    The 3M™ Intelligent Control Inhaler is the only one of its kind that visually instructs patients how to use it correctly, ensuring optimum drug delivery.

    Simple, intuitive, breath-actuated inhalerFully integrated (no tricky add-ons) to ensure patient acceptanceDelivers optimum flow rate, regardless...

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    Drug Delivery Systems


    Excipients / Formulation

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    Energy gum

    Fertin Pharma A/S

    Fertin Pharma offers a wide range of products which includes energy chewing gum. It contains variety of energy stimulating active ingredients including caffeine, B-vitamins and magnesium. Together these ingredients can increase awareness & concentration, reduce tiredness and fatigue and contribute to ener...

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    Inhalation product analysis and testing

    Intertek Pharmaceutical Services

    Intertek offers wide range of pharmaceutical services which includes inhalation drug product development support. It belongs to pharmaceutical analysis services category. It includes pressurized metered dose inhalers (pmdi), nasal sprays (aqueous, powder, and propellant driven), dry powder inhalers (dpi), neb...

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    Spatula closures

    Remy & Geiser GmbH

    Application spatula closures are for the application of highly viscous liquids directly on the point.
    Features: wide application range; individual colors; usable with media of different viscosities; medical product.
    Also available with tamper evident band and child save.
    Contact us for more inf...

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    Gelucire ® 48/16 Pellets


    A non-ionic pure surfactant for lipid-based formulation to solubilize and increase oral bioavailability of poorly soluble API. Forms micellar solution in aqueous media.

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    Laser assisted dermal delivery

    tesa Labtec GmbH

    CDMO for transdermal patches and oral/buccal films, not only for small molecules, but also for macromolecular biopharmaceuticals

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    Ypsomed Delivery Systems


    Ypsomed Delivery Systems (YDS) is the umbrella brand for injection systems and services in the B2B market.

    Ypsomed offers pharmaceutical customers over 30 years of development experience, tried-and-tested modular platform technologies, flexible manufacturing concepts...

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    Pharmaceutical Development lab


    Having decades of hands-on experience on a wide range of (complex) technologies and a many different types of products, our Pharmaceutical experts are able to fully execute and/or support the development of any finished dosage form, formula or process, as well as the transfer and scale-up of a develop...

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    RPC Plastiape

    RPC Healthcare

    RPC Plastiape Group is a leading international player in design and manufacture of standard and customized medical devices and primary packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, supplying more than 40 countries around the world. We manufacture Medical Devices for Respiratory and Gynecologic app...

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    Vikram Thermo India Ltd


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    K-CAPS® hpmc capsules


    Vegetable-Based Capsules 

    The preferred brand in over 60 countries, K-CAPS® are trusted by leading pharmaceutical and supplement makers across the globe. Suitable for all types of applications, K-CAPS® are produced from hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC). This is a completely plant-based mat...

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