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DWK Life Sciences is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality primary packaging and API production solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech customers worldwide. 

Our packaging portfolio includes a comprehensive range of  pharmaceutical glass vials and closure systems - including vials suitable for vaccine supply - dropper pipettes and assemblies and glass and plastic bottles. 

We also provide premium services consisting of depyrogenation, sterilisation, surface treatments, barcoding and tare weighing, and particulate cleaning.

We have an established manufacturing presence in the United Kingdom, Germany and the USA capable of producing a supply of pharmaceutical glass vials, bottles and plasticware.

Our custom primary packaging is:

  • Delivered through a robust and reliable manufacturing supply chain
  • Resilient to its environment and any sterilisation methods it is subject to
  • Compliant with relevant laws and regulations related to the application
  • Durable and functional for pu...

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Products from DWK Life Sciences

  • Primary Packaging: WHEATON® Primary Packaging Solutions

    Product Primary Packaging: WHEATON® Primary Packaging Solutions

    DWK Life Sciences manufacture and supply a full portfolio of primary packaging solutions that meet and exceed the rigorous requirements and expectations of our customers.  From tubular glass vials, stoppers and caps for lyophilisation and diagnostic kits, glass tubes and caps for control reagents, to dropper bottles, with either dropper assemblies or tips and closures for blood grouping reagents and rare anti-sera, we can offer our customers a comprehensive range of in-vitro diagnostic kits, a full primary packaging solution.DWK Life Sciences also has the manufacturing expertise to custom design vials, tubes, dropper pipettes and assemblies for customers more bespoke requirements.  Premium services can also be applied to our products, including depyrogenation, sterilisation, surface treatments, barcoding and tare weighing, and particulate cleaning, enabling us to take care of all the our customers primary packaging needs.

  • Vaccine Vials: WHEATON® Vaccine Serum / Injection pharmaceutical Glass Vials and Bottles, Stoppers and Seals

    Product Vaccine Vials: WHEATON® Vaccine Serum / Injection pharmaceutical Glass Vials and Bottles, Stoppers and Seals

    WHEATON® Serum glass vials and bottles are excellent for lyophilisation and vaccine / injectable primary packaging solutions in the IVD diagnostic and pharmaceutical market, and equally ideal for long term sample storage.  Manufactured in clear and amber tubular and moulded glass, sizes range from 2ml upwards.  When exceptional wall strength and larger volumes are required, WHEATON® glass serum bottles are excellent for your application.  With numerous stopper and seal options available, including off the shelf ready to use depyrogenated, sterile and particulate cleaned offerings from the WHEATON® COMPLETEPAK range, our products can provide the ideal solution for small batch manufacturing or validation runs, to large scale production.  
  • Diagnostic Vials: WHEATON® Diagnostic Pharmaceutical Glass Vials, Lyophilisation Stoppers and Caps

    Product Diagnostic Vials: WHEATON® Diagnostic Pharmaceutical Glass Vials, Lyophilisation Stoppers and Caps

    WHEATON® tubular glass and PET diagnostic vials are manufactured from high quality clear or amber tubular glass or PET, and are designed with a controlled inner bore at the neck and a freeze dry base.  The controlled inner bore ensures an excellent fit with all styles of lyophilisation stoppers, and the specially designed base facilitates their use in freeze dry processes.  With three different cap options, from solid top coloured caps, available in either polypropylene or urea, allowing for differentiation of reagents in diagnostic kits, to the WHEATON®  I-Loc® closures which feature a unique integrated stopper, DWK Life Sciences can offer excellent primary packaging solutions for all in-vitro diagnostic kit and pharmaceutical requirements.

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