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13 Aug 2019

Ecobliss and sustainability

Ecobliss attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility and sustainable business. Not only through CO2 neutral energy policy, but also through large-scale digitisation to reduce paper use to a minimum, the conscious handling of waste flows through strict waste separation but also in the personnel policy by offering job opportunities to people who are at a distance from the labor market.

Ecobliss, market leader in blister and high visibility packaging, applies high standards when it comes to taking responsibility for the environment and the living environment. At the same time we strive to deliver top quality. All Ecobliss packaging solutions can easily be recycled, and our production processes are highly energy efficient. The focus is on minimising production waste.

Mid 2017 Ecobliss moved to its current location at Edisonweg 11. This building was moved into after a thorough renovation, with a strong focus on energy efficiency and consumption. Energy efficient lighting, optimal insulation, climate control and far-reaching automation, resulted in a huge reduction of energy consumption.

Immediately after the move Ecobliss was still dependent on a supplier of electricity and gas for energy requirements. However, the goal was an energy-neutral and CO2-neutral business premises. The large flat roof of the new business premises was ideal for installing no less than 550 solar panels that could meet the energy needs. This was realised in September 2018.

The capacity that can be generated by the installation is around 240,000 watts. The energy requirement of Ecobliss itself is approx. 150-160,000 Watt for heating, cooling, light and electricity. This has reduced gas consumption to 0, and because there is a surplus of electricity, this can be returned to the market. This makes Ecobliss completely CO2 neutral at this moment, and even contributes to a reduction in the use of fossil fuels by supplying green solar energy to the electricity grid.

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