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30 Jan 2011

Eisai Launches New Research House for Cancer Drugs R&D

Eisai has established a cancer R&D subsidiary in the U.S. to discover new cancer drugs that lead to individualized care.

Japan's drugmaker Eisai Co., Ltd. has established its new R&D subsidiary H3 Biomedicine Inc. in Massachusetts and the company’s research activities are underway. The new research house aims to discover breakthrough cancer drugs based on two research objectives: 1) the identification of drug targets in order to facilitate individualized medical care based on the genetic characteristics of each cancer patient, and 2) the active utilization of technologies based on advances in contemporary drug discovery chemistry in order to create new classes of safe and effective compounds that interact with these drug targets.


Eisai will provide H3 Biomedicine with approximately 200 million dollars in exploratory research funding over a 10 year period, and will further provide the funds necessary for the clinical development of the

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