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ELLAB Srl is the Italian branch of ELLAB A/S. It was the exclusive distributor for ELLAB A/S since 2007, originally operating in Italy, Malta and Italian Switzerland as FASINTERNATIONAL up to the year 2018.  At the end of 2018 Fasinternational srl has been acquired by Ellab group, the leading Supplier of Validation and Monitoring Solutions since 1949. Over the years, Ellab Italy has become a strategic supplier for the pharmaceutical, biotech and API manufacturer companies thanks to its ability to diversify the business to adhere to the requirements of its customers.ELLAB (with manufacturing, research and development facilities based in Denmark) is a leading international supplier of high quality, precision measuring equipment and software for data analysis and environmental monitoring. The ELLAB equipment is widely used for validation, documentation and monitoring of thermal processes and controlled environments in food, life science and medical device industries. ELLAB SRL is further recognized as a leading metrology laboratory accredited by ACCREDIA with the numb...

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Products from ELLAB S.R.L. (3)

  • TrackSense® LyoPro - Wireless Data Logger for Freeze Drying

    Product TrackSense® LyoPro - Wireless Data Logger for Freeze Drying

    The LyoPro is a specially designed data logger for complete batch control and validation of the freeze drying processes. The tiny data logger fits perfectly within any lyophilization setup, as the various LoggerNests allow the device to match the size of any vial.

    LyoPro comes fitted with an 0.55 x...
  • SteriSense® - Electronic Bowie Dick Test

    Product SteriSense® - Electronic Bowie Dick Test

    The Bowie Dick test, also referred to as an air removal test or steam penetration test, is used for daily routine control of steam sterilizers (autoclaves) to verify that they perform in accordance with ISO 17665.

    A safe and reliable test is important to use, as proper air removal is crucial fo...
  • E-Val™ Pro -  Wired thermocouple system for thermal validation

    Product E-Val™ Pro - Wired thermocouple system for thermal validation

    The E-Val Pro thermocouple system for thermal validation is immensely easy to handle within controlled environments due to its compact size and light weight. The thermocouple system complies with FDA regulations as well and GAMP guidelines and is designed to be the ideal solution for any thermal validation pr...

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