Companies that want the best use Embocaps® by Suheung Empty Hard Capsules.  Industry benchmark for capsule filling performance.  Est 1973, third largest capsule supplier globally, publicly traded, same ownership since inception, vertically integrated.  Supplying all major markets.   Ask us about the FDA clarification on the simplicity of changing capsule suppliers in registered products.  000 thru 5 available in various shell composition and functional combinations ·         Gelatin (Blended, Bovine, Porcine, Marine and Hygroscopic Resistant) ·         Vegetable (Thermogelation HPMC, Gelling Agent Assisted HPMC and Vegetable Pullulan) ·         Delayed Release Acid Protection (Phthalate and Carrageenan Free)  ·         Titanium Dioxide Free White  ·         LFHC Liquid Compatible Hard Capsules (EMBO LP+)    Why would you run any other capsule?

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Embocaps Empty Capsules

Embocaps Empty Capsules

EMBOCAPS by Suheung

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