Enzyme engineering services

Product description

High-throughput engineering and screening of enzyme variants

Key benefits
-High-throughput-screening for engineered variants using a eukaryotic production system
-Engineering for improved variants performed in final production host
-VTU´s established high-throughput microscale cultivation and screening protocols facilitate the fast and reliable identification of protein variants with desired enhanced properties
-Short timelines and high flexibility
-Projects tailored to your needs  


-Samples of optimized protein variants
-Production strains of engineered variants
-Comprehensive report
-Library generation using classical and tailored mutagenesis tools
-Transformation of library into Pichia pastoris favoring single copy integration events
-Cultivation using VTU´s established high-throughput microscale protocol
-Screening based on liquid spectrophotometric or fluorometric assays
-Pre-screening on solid media possible

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Enzyme engineering services

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