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ESSERRE PHARMA is an Italian nutraceuticals company highly focused on researching Mediterranean ingredients to transform in outstanding finished branded products. We develop and market science – based food supplements with the aim to improve people’s quality of life, offering innovative solutions. For this purpose, we constantly carry out a scientific research program with an important atten...

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  • Colber®

    Product Colber®

    Colber® is a food supplement with a patented formulation based on standardized extract of bergamot, artichoke, phytosterols (plant sterols), and vitamin C. 

    The main ingredient is a proprietary and standardized bergamot phytocomplex, Brumex®. Plant sterols contribut...
  • Flomel® 500 and Flomel ® Gel Cream

    Product Flomel® 500 and Flomel ® Gel Cream

    Flomel® 500 is a food supplement based on bromelain with dehydrated pineapple juice
    It promotes the drainage of body fluids (heavy legs), improves microcirculation and it helps to treat the imperfections related to cellulite.

    Format: 20 sachets (3 g)
    How to use: 1 ...
  • IMPROVE® Response

    Product IMPROVE® Response

    IMPROVE® Response is a food supplement for immune-nutrition, supported by clinical evidence. The formulation is based on:
    • B-complex Vitamins • PunicaPLUS: our Mediterrean Pomegranate extract rich in Polyphenols • Vitamin C The balanced combination of these ingredients contribu...

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