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Esvico electrodes are for cardiological tests, including diagnostic tests, research and tube tests, diagnostic tests, Holter tests, resting tests, as well as X-ray diagnostics. EsviSensor electrodes have excellent conductivity and low noise, which provides clear and stable ECG signal. Made of base coated by hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive is characterized by excellent adhesion to the skin. The components used are patient-friendly, does not cause skin irritations.  
The highest quality:

- Excellent conductivity

- Hypoallergenic components

- Excellent adhesion to the patient's skin

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  • ECG Electrode ES GS Foam electrode with solid gel

    Product ECG Electrode ES GS Foam electrode with solid gel

    Our foam electrodes with solid gel stand out on the market.

    We have several types of foams adapted to the skin ph but our latest foam is universal - for every skin ph. It is unique on the market because of:

    -   The glue has strong preliminary adhesion (tack)