Etipack designs, manufactures, and sells labeling and coding systems with self-adhesive labels, friction feeders, and pick and place for industrial product handling and distribution.

The company fully belong to the larger market of packaging machinery, renowned for state-of-the-art technologies anticipating the requests of the customers, even of the most demanding markets: e.g. pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical, paper industry.

Since 1978 a leading company in Italy and Europe, Etipack is an internatonal group with subsidiaries and associated companies. Along with sales, distribution and technical assistance networks in various foreign countries, the group remains in close touch with its customers during the entire design process, as well as before, during and after sales, in order to fully meet their requirements.

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  • 2017
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Products from ETIPACK (3)

  • System 1 Pharma - Wrap-around vials Labelling

    Product System 1 Pharma - Wrap-around vials Labelling

    Pharmaceutical labelling machine for wrap-around application of pressure-sensitive labels on vials, bottles and any cylindrical vessels for pharmaceutical market. The configuration meets the most-demanding requirements: high-end labelling machine, split conveyor belt to distance products in and out, minimum a...
  • Etifiale Pro - Wrap-around ampoules Labelling

    Product Etifiale Pro - Wrap-around ampoules Labelling

    Automatic high-speed pharmaceutical ampoule labelling system specially designed for the pharma industry. The pharmaceutical ampoules, are manually loaded with a dedicated tray and then conveyed and channelled towards a carousel, equipped with special housings, up to the labelling station. The label is applied...
  • System 9 Pharma - flat boxes labeling

    Product System 9 Pharma - flat boxes labeling

    Automatic system for labelling, direct coding and offline seriliazation of pharmaceutical flat carton boxes can be equipped with friction feeders, labelling machines and print unit providing for carton feeding, labelling and printing of flat boxes as well as with vision systems for reading and checking data. ...