EUDENT (Dental products for Professional use)

EUDENT (Dental products for Professional use)
Product Description

Eudent® ED-Sol (EDTA Solution 18%)
Chelating agent solution for dental irrigation & preparation of root canals with antiseptic action
Indications: Cleansing and chemical opening of root canals.
15 Bottle of 500ml

Eudent® ED-Gel (EDTA light gel19%)
Chelating agent solution for dental irrigation & preparation of root canals with antiseptic action
Indications: Lubrication and chemical opening of root canals.
10 syringes x 2,5ml & 10 nozzles or 3 syringes x 2,5ml & 3 nozzles

Eudent® Etchant (Phosphoric Acid light gel 35%)
•Precise application to the wanted area without dripping or drying
•Optimal viscosity
•Effective etching as it penetrates even the most inaccessible areas of the dental surfaces
Indications: Enamel and dentin etching for optimum bonding of sealants.
5 syringes x 2,5ml & 20 nozzles

Eudent® ED-Prep (Urea peroxide 10% & EDTA 15%)
Cream for the chemical-mechanical preparation of root canals, with Urea peroxide & EDTA
•Helps clean and open the root canals, due to the EDTA it contains which removes calcium salts while enhancing the penetration of pharmaceutical substances.
•Helps control bacteria, especially anaerobic ones existing in the root canal.
•Helps remove dead tissue and dentin debris from the root canal due the oxygenanted microfoam which it produces locally when it comes in contact with the walls of the root canal.
•Helps in the internal whitening of the tooth.
Indications: Cleaning and preparation of root canals in combination with Eudent ED-Chlor (3% sodium hypochlorite solution).
10 syringes x 2,5ml & 10 nozzles or 3 syringes x 2,5ml & 3 nozzles.
Eudent® ED-Clean (Chlorhexidine Digluconate 2%) 
Aqueous 3% sodium hypochlorite solution for the irrigation and disinfection of root canals
•Used prior to dental sealing (temporary or/and permanent) and in dental restoration.
•Recommended for interdental disinfection, for use as a final interdental rinsing solution prior to root canal sealing and for use as a disinfectant prior to covering dental pulp.
•Helps prevent the inflow of microorganisms in the dental microtubules. The possibility of consequential pulpitis and sensitivity is decreased by thorough cleaning and disinfection using Eudent ED-clean before sealing and restoring the tooth.
Indications: Cleaning and chemical opening of root canals.
Bottle of 200ml

Eudent® Eugenol: Pure eugenol
EUDENT® Eugenol is a product widely known for the preparation of formulations for dental fillings.
Eugenol, a natural component of clove oil, is supplied in chemically pure form with increased activity.
Indications: It is used in cases of severe pain in the teeth, due to decay which can be penetrated up to the tooth nerve. Mixing it with zinc oxide provides a material with excellent sealing properties. It acts as a temporary restorative material both for dental fillings and as a lining material when correcting an unrestored resin.
Bottle of 30ml

Eudent® Caries Indicator
The product pigments and reveals carries in areas hard to locate. This way excessive drillingof tooth decay can be avoided. The product can also be used for the fast and easy localizationof the root canal opening. When the product is used for the localization of root canals at theearly stage of an interdental procedure, a small red spot will remain on the root canal opening.
-To remove carries, use a low speed drill. Repeat as many times as necessary until all toothdecay is removed.
Indications: Carries indicator that colors decayed dentin
5 syringes x 2,5ml & 10 nozzles.

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