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Products from Eurolabel Srl

  • Cold Chain

    Product Cold Chain

    Cold chain monitoring and compliance is essential for the effectiveness of many products.

    Every product has different characteristics and for this reason we have studied customized solutions:
    • Programmable temperature sensors. 
    • Temperature-sensitive magnetic inks. 

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  • Customer Experience

    Product Customer Experience

    Digitization transforms packaging into a digital touchpoint increasing the engagement, the exchange of information and much more:
    • Up and cross selling activities to increase engagement, loyalty and sales. 
    • Engagement with exclusive content. 
    • Consumer loyalty and satisfaction. 
    • Brand Reputation strengthens the relationship with its customers/patients and allows reviewing of the feelings towards the company.

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  • Rfid label

    Product Rfid label

    RFID enhances any label by adding:

    • Protection: unique tags defend products from counterfeiting and parallel markets. 
    • Tracking: improve the supply chain efficiency by automating stock rotation, real time materials flow control. 
    • Communication: share exclusive information with customers/patients and allow post-sales follow-up. 

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  • Security

    Product Security

    Defending products and customers/patients from counterfeiting is a priority. Each product has unique characteristics and for this reason we have studied multiple solutions that can be combined with each other to achieve the desired degree of security.
    • Security materials and die cuts. 
    • Security Designs. 
    • Digital protection solutions. 

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  • Sustainability Solutions

    Product Sustainability Solutions

    Sustainability is at the center of our world as we are constantly trying to reduce our environmental impact and promoting eco-sustainable solutions to help our customers reduce the packaging environmental impact.

    • Materials from recycled or renewable sources. 
    • Reduction of thickness. 
    • Maximization of recycling operations. 
    • Digital printing with low environmental impact.

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