Everything for Inhalation

Everything for Inhalation
Product Description

At Hovione we can tailor-make particle size distributions through complex particle engineering technologies, like wet-polishing and monosep, in ranges suitable for inhalation and incorporate desired morphology characteristics into your API. We are also able to start with a Hovione-produced API and develop a dry powder formulation to meet your inhalation product development demands.

The cutting edge particle engineering technologies suitable for inhalation coupled with hands-on inhaler development knowledge allows Hovione to deliver high quality results for partners' inhalation drug development programs, ranging from developing new products for inhalation to matching innovator in-vitro deposition profiles.

Inhalation Drug Development Services

Based on our more than 20 years experience in inhalation, Hovione presents business partners with an unique opportunity to speed up their inhalation drug development, from a very early stage to a late development stage. Working with Hovione allows partners to take advantage of cutting edge particle engineering technologies and state of the art analytical facilities operated by highly skilled and responsive staff.

Key Technical Capabilities

  • Particle size reduction
  • Particle engineering technologies – (jet milling, wet polishing, microencapsulation, monosep, nanomilling and others)
  • Cascade impaction (Fast Screening Impactor, Andersen Cascade Impactor and Next Generation Impactor)
  • Stability studies of inhalation powders
  • Inhalation powders formulation
  • Surface analysis (API and excipient)
  • Non-carrier based formulation
  • Carrier-based formulation
  • Excipient identification, sourcing and characterization
  • Microbiology controls
  • Expert inhaler development services
  • Seamless integration between formulation and inhaler development
  • Proven track record in developing market approved drug products for inhalation
In addition to inhalation formulation services and devices we also offer:
  • Automated capsule filling, for supporting both clinical and commercial purposes
  • Packaging and finishing, for supporting clinical purposes

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Hovione FarmaCiencia SA

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