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3 May 2013

Evidence confirms EPA and skin graft failure are linked

Research has suggested EPA is associated with skin graft failure

The relationship between elevated protease activity (EPA) and skin graft failure has been confirmed by a new test which could bring down the monetary and human cost of unsuccessful wound treatments.
Through the use of Woundchek Protease Status from Systagenix, researchers were able to identify the link after carrying out a 30 patient study of split thickness skin graft procedures.
All wounds were tested for EPA though Woundchek, which takes just 15 minutes to run at a cost of less 30 euro at the point of care, according to Dr Rob Snyder, medical director of Systagenix.
He said: "We are seeing mounting evidence of the benefits of introducing point of care diagnostic testing in wound care."
Results of the test will be presented at the European Wound Management Association conference in May 2013, with professor Franck Duteille, from the University Hospital Nantes, France, named as the study's investigator and author.

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