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16 Aug 2021

Excellent packaging solutions for Covid vaccine containers and injection vials

tubs and nests

COVID-19 is keeping the world in suspense. Around the globe, people are hoping for rapid solutions from the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Demand for accessories such as pharmaceutical packaging has also risen rapidly. The traditional Swiss company Fischer Söhne AG offers corresponding top-quality products.

In the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, various countries around the world launched their vaccination campaigns in recent weeks. Hopes are not only pinned on the pharmaceutical industry. The supplier industry is also challenged. Fischer Söhne AG, a specialist in extrusion blow molding and injection molding, recently caused an international stir by supplying the vaccine market with plastic packaging solutions manufactured by using cleanroom technology.

Nests and tubs for the American market 

“Demand for Covid vaccines has also increased the need for packaging solutions," says Iwan Tresch, CEO of Fischer Söhne AG. What is needed are companies that are able to meet the needs of medical companies quickly and flexibly – despite the coronavirus-related restrictions such as lockdowns and protective measures." As a typical SME, we have very flexible structures," says Tresch. "And we were ready in time to adapt our production." For example in the manufacturing of canisters for storing disinfectants. But the Swiss company also initiated a promising business relationship in another segment: the US company SiO2 Medical Products purchases tubs and nests from Fischer Söhne AG and uses them to package injection vials. "SiO2 appreciates our technological know-how and our short delivery times," says Tresch and specifies: "Our cleanroom production runs around the clock. That's why we are always ready to deliver, for smaller and also for very large quantities.”

Germ-free from production to use 
The tubs and nests produced by Fischer Söhne AG meet the cleanroom requirement of class GMP C (ISO 7). The parts produced on single or double molds are removed fully automatically from the injection molding machines and stacked, packaged and labeled while still under cleanroom conditions. In this way, they arrive safely at the customers' automatic placement machines. These can in turn fill vials or syringes aseptically and package medications sterilely.

Throughout this entire process, the tubs and nests from Fischer Söhne AG prevent scratch marks, broken glass and particle contamination. Thanks to high precision and dimensional stability, customers can increase the processing speed and output of their systems.

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