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30 Oct 2013

Exco InTouch to Share Expertise with Clinical and Healthcare Companies through the Johnson and Johnson Digital Health Masterclass

Exco InTouch, the leading provider of patient engagement and data capture solutions for clinical research and healthcare providers, is taking part in an exclusive Johnson & Johnson Digital Health Masterclass, having been selected from more than 130 companies to demonstrate the benefits of mHealth to the healthcare sector.  


The programme, comprising three digital health focused interactive workshops, each of which runs for 3 days, runs from September through to November 2013. The event will culminate in an Investor Day and Digital Health Challenge, being staged in association with the Health 2.0 Europe conference.


Exco InTouch, an industry authority in the field of mHealth, are participating in the programme to provide informed insight and to engage audiences on the significant benefits that the concept brings to the pharmaceutical industry.


“The last 50 years were about the science of medicine: new drugs, new therapies, and new technology. The next 50 years will see a focus on the science of healthcare delivery: how we improve the way care is delivered. This shift represents a massive change for pharmaceutical companies. It also changes the way we need to think about technology,” commented Zack Cooper, Professor, Yale University/London School of Economics.


Every year, the pharmaceutical industry loses an estimated $564 billion as a result of patients failing to take their drugs properly. Consequently, increasing adherence through highly efficient, simple to use patient engagement solutions will have a huge impact on the cost and effectiveness of healthcare delivery.  


Exco InTouch will leverage their expertise, spanning from almost ten years’ experience in patient engagement and clinical data capture to showcase to industry peers and executives, the benefits that device independent, intelligent and adaptive solutions provide, in terms of increasing medication adherence and treatment management within both clinical and commercial environments.


Tim Davis, CEO and co-founder of Exco InTouch commented: “The Johnson & Johnson Digital Health Masterclass provides Exco InTouch with the opportunity to share our experiences, whilst learning from the contributions of other companies operating in the clinical and healthcare markets. We aim to inform the market on the scale of the healthcare challenge and the extent to which mHealth can offer highly reliable and effective solutions, both now and for the future. In the UK alone, non-adherence by patients is already costing the NHS £500 million every year, but by engaging the market in mHealth, we are developing fully integrated, intelligent programmes that increase patient adherence and  facilitate improved condition management for patients, meeting the needs of healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry as it continues to grow, change and remold itself at a rapid pace.”


He continued: “Best practice in the performance and implementation of mHealth programmes inevitably has a highly positive impact on patient care and performance.” 

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