ExoChyll X5 - Medium Scale Turnkey Solvent Recovery System

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We introduced the single condenser EcoChyll X5 22L Evaporators for medium scale rotovaps, ideal for medium-scale startup labs. By introducing the EcoChyll X5, Ecodyst now has equipment for any size application ranging from as little as 10mL to 200,000mL. EcoChyll X5 system delivers similar performance as the EcoChyll X7. Intrinsically, the EcoChyll X5 22L system carries powerful advantages.   Key features about EcoChyll X5 Evaporator Systems: 1. Proprietary first-in-class highly efficient metallic condensers for rotary evaporators.2. Direct self-cooling technology that truly eliminates dry ice and antifreeze chillers. 3. Environmentally friendly, Energy efficient and Sustainable.4. All stationary glassware on all industrial scale solvent recovery systems (22L). 5. Oil-drain valve on bottom of all large flasks for fast, easy and convenient oil collection.
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Categories Contract Services - Bio ServicesEquipment and Supplies; Pharmaceutical Machinery & TechnologyFiltration/ Separation/ Purification; Laboratory and Analytical EquipmentLaboratory Equipment / Supplies
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Supplied from United States
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ExoChyll X5 - Medium Scale Turnkey Solvent Recovery System

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