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FAREVA is a global CMO with 40 production sites, with a Pharma Sector that specializes in the development, commercialization, and launch of API and Drug Product. FAREVA’s API group has industry leading expertise in the areas of development & optimization of complex synthesis, HP-API, aseptic processing, cryogenic, hydrogenation, steroids, spray drying, PSD and polymorph control with volumes ranging from 10 kg to 250 MT. Fareva is the first and only company in the world to receive SafeBridge Certification to handle both high potent drug substance and drug product at the same facility.Our Drug Product and Formulations group specializes in sterile solutions / suspensions, lyophilization, tablets, capsules, sprays / aerosols, liquids / gels, powder filling, blow fill seal, suppositories, and high potent oral formulations. All sites are FDA / EU approved and our packaging is fully serialized to meet the newest regulations.

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