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Farmmash Ltd specializes in the production of polymer closures and droppers for pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

Farmmash Ltd was established in 1999 as a producer of polymer products. The company has experienced development from being a producer of a simple single-component product to expand as a highly competitive strong market player and the producer of complex multicomponent products. 
Injection and Blow Molding Production equipped with state of the art automated injection-molding machines from Engel and Arburg. Over 3000 sq. m. production area. 
Metalworking equipment is represented by such world-famous brands as Hermle, Schaublin, Charmilles, Mikron. 

Company's mission
We are a company of dedicated experts bringing to life all your ideas into a finished product.
We use modern technologies and innovations to keep up with your expectations.

Certification goals

The company has an effective quality management system ...

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Products from Farmmash Ltd (3)

  • Bottlepack closure BFS (spike cap)

    Product Bottlepack closure BFS (spike cap)

    The cap is designed for polymer bottles manufactured by Blow-Fill-Seal method.
    The cap has a needle at the inner end, designed to puncture the bottle with subsequent sealing.
    The technology allows packaging products under completely aseptic conditions in a single cycle.
    Pharma grade...
  • Bottles for pump system

    Product Bottles for pump system

    Screw HDPE bottles with a neck size 18-415. The bottle is designed to be complemented by a screw-on pump sprayers (nasal, throat, fine mist etc.).Available volume 10, 15 and 30ml.
    Pharma grade materials.
    Clean room ISO7.
    Flexible minimum order.
    Standard order time is 30 days.
  • Closure 1.4 CRC (PP28) (Child resistant closure, child proof closure)

    Product Closure 1.4 CRC (PP28) (Child resistant closure, child proof closure)

    Tamper evident child resistant cap 1.4CRC is used for bottles with neck standard DIN 6094 PP28.The following variations are offered:
    (1) — Child resistant closure(complemented by a pourer)
    (2) — Tamper evident childresistant closure(complemented by a pourer)
    (3) — Tamper evident child resistantclosur...

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