6 Jul 2022

FDAII Vaginal / Rectal

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FDAII Vaginal / Rectal

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    Formulating a drug for parenteral delivery comes with its fair set of challenges. Aside from a high level of sensitivity to external factors like light and heat exposure, these large and complex drugs are prone to degradation when exposed to various chemical species.
  • Brochure Avanti Acquisition Brings Liquid Based Adjuvant Systems to Croda

    More then lipids. Solutions for the entire product cycle: research to commercialisation. Immunotherapy and vaccine development. The recent Avanti acquisition by Croda Health Care grows the expertise and resource available to our customers. Croda Health Care is growing.
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  • News Construction underway on new Croda North American HQ and Innovation Centre

    The facility will support the company'a goal of being climate, land and people positive by 2030.
  • Brochure The Power of Purity

    Looking to enhance the bioavailability, delivery and efficacy of your dosage form? With Croda's high purity excipients and delivery aids you can optimise the stability of your API and the overall performance of your pharmaceutical formulations. These excipients are ideal for multiple dosage forms including topical, parenteral, oral and ophthalmic formulations as well as advanced delivery systems.
  • News Croda bolsters position in life sciences with the acquisition of Avanti Polar Lipids

    The transaction will more than double Croda’s R&D capability in drug delivery.
  • Brochure The Consumer Health Vision

    A presentation about Croda Health Care's vision for our Consumer Health market
  • News Croda commits to Science Based Targets for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

    Group aiming to achieve a 50% reduction in absolute GHG emissions based on 2006 levels by 2030 and an 80% reduction by 2050.
  • News Croda invests in Vaccine Adjuvants

    Croda has strengthened its pharmaceutical offering by acquiring Brenntag Biosector (Biosector), for a total consideration of €72 million in cash.
  • Brochure Super Refined™ Benzyl Alcohol data sheet

    Super Refined Benzyl Alcohol is a multi-compendial, high purity aromatic alcohol intended for parenteral dosage forms. This clear, colourless liquid can be used as a preservative, solvent, viscosity reducing agent, or local anesthetic in pharmaceutical applications.1 Unlike some standard grades of benzyl alcohol, Super Refined Benzyl Alcohol is compliant to multiple parenteral monographs and can therefore be used in injectable and other parenteral dosage forms, where excipient purity is crucial. This allows for comprehensive usage of only one product, reducing the need to find a second source for more restrictive applications.
  • Brochure Vaccine Adjuvants

    To this day, our focus has been to successfully develop, manufacture and market high-quality adjuvants for our pharmaceutical customers. This heritage makes our vaccine adjuvants unique in the industry. A heritage we are proud of. 

    Our industry-leading, Alhydrogel®, Adju-Phos® and Quil-A® are widely recognised in the vaccine industry for their unmatched track record when it comes to a proven history of safe and effective use.
  • Brochure Avanti cGMP Manufactured Lipids

    For over 40 years Avanti has provided API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) Technology Development for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies. Our unique reputation for quality in the development of pre-clinical and clinical candidates is well established. Our full range of services include process chemistry, scale-up manufacturing, supply chain management with analytical and regulatory requirements. Avanti’s experienced staff of chemists and lipid analysts are ready to meet your development needs with pre-clinical through phase III and commercial launch.
  • Brochure Avanti Formulations brochure

    The Avanti Formulations Team can help develop a suitable formulation for your lipid-based formulation.With the vast library of Avanti lipids and state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal, this experienced team can produce surface-labeled, PEGylated, fluorescent,and other lipid formulations, while working closely with our Lipid Analysts to ensure Avanti quality.
  • Brochure Avanti - Liquid Nanoparticle (LNP) Systems for RNA Delivery

    LNPs are lipid-based drug delivery systems that carry nucleic acid material. These systems primarily rely on four lipid components: a PEG lipid, amino (cationic) lipid, structural lipid, and cholesterol.

  • Brochure Croda Mill Hall press release

    Croda International Plc, the company that uses smart science to create high performance ingredients and technologies that improve lives, is excited to announce the expansion of its Mill Hall high purity excipients facility. This investment confirms Croda’s commitment to building its Life Sciences business and developing innovative pharmaceutical excipients, reinforcing Croda’s Purpose to use Smart science to improve lives™. With this latest Mill Hall expansion, Croda continues their ambitious target to become People Positive by 2030 by contributing to the successful development of 25% of WHO-listed pipeline vaccines.

    To find out more, please visit:
  • Whitepaper Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Response to COVID-19

    The coronavirus pandemic has sent seismic shockwaves around the world and forced many global industries into a hiatus. While the crisis has limited the pharmaceutical sector’s activities in terms of R&D and marketing, its supply chains have remained resilient and continued to deliver critical medicines from factory to patient. As the drug development stage rightly focuses on finding vaccines to defeat the virus, those involved further down the product lifecycle are having to plan to ensure that manufacturing and logistics capabilities are ready to deliver any successful vaccines to a potentially global patient population. Using case studies from several senior executives, this report looks at how several key representative companies operating in the pharma supply chain have responded to the huge challenges associated with COVID-19 to ensure that the wheels keep on turning.
  • Video HLB – The Science Behind Emulsion Stabilization

    Hear from Allyson Maron, one of our Applications Scientists explore the science behind emulsion stabilization. This webinar presents scientific data alongside visual representations. Free product samples are available from our website or by speaking to one of our representatives at Festival of Pharma
  • Video Newest Innovations in Pharmaceutical Excipients

    Hear from Dr. Will Small and Jasmine Barcock as they showcase the benefits of how high purity ingredients can provide a solution to your formulation challenges, they also delve into our newest excipient innovations and how our approach of providing a specialist solution outweighs ordering a product off the shelf.
  • Video Supporting the World's Biggest Challenges

    Smart Science to Improve Lives. For more than 75 years Croda Denmark has been dedicated to safe and effective adjuvants for use in both human and veterinary vaccines, as well as blood fractioning processes. We offer an experienced passionate team and personal interaction with comprehensive on-site advice and support anywhere in the world.