Product Description

Oncology products:
Genexol PM (Paclitaxel)
Nanoxel M (Docetaxel)
Zolenic (Zoledronic acid)
Injectables (Paclitaxel, Docetaxel, Oxaliplatin)
Patch Products:
Fentaderm (Fentanyl)
Demencure (Rivastigmine)
Nicostop (Nicotine)
Rheumastop (Diclofenac Diethylammonium)
Anigderm (Nitroglyerin)
Tooburol (Tulobuterol)

Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp

  • KR
  • 2016
    On CPHI since
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    Experienced Technicians; International Approvals/Standards
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    Korea, Republic Of

Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp

  • KR
  • 2016
    On CPHI since

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  • APIs

    Product APIs

    [Cytotoxic APIs] 

    Paclitaxel Produced by fermentation
    Paclitaxel Produced by a semi-synthetic process
    Docetaxel, anhydrous 

    Package: Up to 500g per request

    *If you need further information on our APIs,...
  • CDMO service

    Product CDMO service

    [Oncology CDMO Service for Cytotoxic Injectables]

    Product: Lyophilized Vials, Liquid Vials

    [Current Plant]

    - Certification: EU GMP, JGMP, KGMP, PIC/s

    - Production: Cytotoxic APIs, Cytotoxic Injectables (Liquid, Lyophilized vials) 

    - Capacity: 10~2...

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