Filtration Skids

Filtration Skids
Product Description

Filtration skid are designed for different types of filtration needs –cell removal, sterile filtration of media, buffer, or process fluid.• Designed to meet customers’ filtration needs with provision for wetting and integrity testing of filters.
• Special design for vacuum break and cooling with sterile air-post sterilization.
• Code 25 adapters enabling use of any standard filters.
• Fully validation sterilization process.
• Design permits sterilization of filter and sterile piping independently.
• Can be easily integrated with any process equipment.
• Provision for cleaning of filter bell during CIP.
• Integrity test connectors on all filtration skids.

BPE Biotree India Pvt. Ltd.

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BPE Biotree India Pvt. Ltd.

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  • 2019
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