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8 Aug 2013

Finding Cancer Cures Should be Top Priority, US Survey Says

Finding cures for different types of cancer should be one of the top national health priorities in the US, a survey said.

According to the study, commissioned by the Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), 86% of Americans said finding cancer cures should come first, followed by heart disease and then improving intensive care for senior citizens.

Progress in finding cancer cures has been good as many can be prevented, particularly if discovered early on. In relation to this Cancer Facts and Figures 2013 says the survival rate in the US has been improving.

Nevertheless around 1.7 million cancer cases are expected to have been diagnosed in the US by the end of 2013. Additionally, 580,350 people in the US are predicted to die of cancer this year.

Among the most deadly cancers are lung and bronchus, particularly in males. Research suggests the chances of contracting cancer also rise with age.

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