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Serialisation — looking for value-added opportunities

Recipharm's Staffan Widengren, Director Corporate Projects, discusses why CMOs should be focusing on the value-added opportunities presented by serialisation.

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Investing in blistering capabilities to boost flexibility

Postponement printing is presenting interesting benefits for the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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WuXi STA Changzhou site passes first FDA inspection

The integrated R&D and manufacturing facility is expecting more products to go into commercial production post approval.

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Latest news

Characterisation technologies for pharma manufacturers

Characterisation technologies for pharma manufacturers 

25 May 2018
Amneal to close it Hayward, California-based facilities and operations

Amneal to close it Hayward, California-based facilities and operations 

25 May 2018
The shortest way from the lab to continuous production

The shortest way from the lab to continuous production 

24 May 2018

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Latest products

Sedozolam 15 mg/3 ml

Biem Pharmaceuticals

Midazolam 15 mg / 3 mL Solution for Injection

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Move Help

Terezia Company

Aquamin minerals - 100% pure calcified red seaweed of the genus Lithothamnion, contains:calcium, which contributes to the normal functioning of muscles and bonesmagnesium, which also has a beneficial effect on bones and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue Boswelliasupports the musculosk...

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Tadalafil Tablet

Genepharm S.A.

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Montelukast + Levocetirizine dihydrochloride, 10 mg + 5 mg, film-coated tablets


Montelukast + Levocetirizine is an INNOVATIVE combination of two agents with the complementary mechanisms of action, not yet available on any European market, intended to be used in patients with asthma and allergic rhinitis.  Montelukast is a selective, competitive leukotriene-receptor antagonist t...

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Kin Exogel

Laboratorios KIN S.A.

Tranexamic acid bioadhesive gel exclusivelly for dental use.

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ELBI Pharma Wholesale

Branded and Generic medicines from E.U manufacturerswith high qualitybut competitive prices, 

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Medpack Swiss Group

SWISS ENERGY Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system and to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. Recommended for fatigue and physical activity.

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Turkuaz Medikal Ltd. Sti



We have more 80 different items in these categories. Please contact with us for more information. 

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Sport & Fitness

Arnet Pharmaceutical Corp.

Complete suite of products for pre-workout, post-workout, joint/muscle recovery, heart health, and fat loss. Effective nutrition for active people. The most popular actives with the best scientific support. Single and synergistic multi-active formulations. Protein and meal replacement formulations.

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Women's Health

Peters Krizman AG

Vaginal Complaints relief, Vaginal Infections gel.

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Vinpocetine-aconitum 5, 10 Mg Hard Capsules or Tablets

Aconitum UAB

Vinpocetine is a time -tested remedy for the treatments of cerebral blood flow. Vinpocetine reduces the brain cell sensitivity to the lack of oxygen and protects them from damage, does not increasing the total blood pressure. It has been observed that vinpocetine has a positive effect on cognitive function an...

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Ropivacaine Injection

Xi’an Libang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

Ropivacaine Mesylate Injection
10ml:120mgbrhrbrA specialist Ropivacaine manufacturer in China
Pls contact me at

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Taizhou Sunzone Int'l Ltd

TAIZHOU SUNZONE INT.,LTD offers a wide range of antibiotic which includes flucloxacillin. Packaging: capsule 500mg. Contact us for more information.

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Tacrolimus Capsules, Everolimus Tablet, Valgancyclovir Tablet, Cyclosporine Capsules

Panacea Biotec Ltd

Specialty medicines for Post Organ Transplant patients and Dialysis patients

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Fitzpatrick CCS320 Roll Compactor

The Fitzpatrick Company

Roll Compaction & Dry Granulation Equipment

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Fitzpatrick CCS320 Roll Compactor

IDEX India Pvt. Ltd

Roll Compaction & Dry Granulation Equipment

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SLS - Scalable Lab SystemTM

Quadro Engineering Corp

Pharma Powder Processsing & Size Reduction Equipment

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Intermediate Bulk Containers for handling tablets

Matcon Limited

Compared with boxes, kegs or drums, the Matcon Tablet Handling system significantly reduces time consuming and error prone manual activities. Using Matcon Tablet IBCs to transfer tablets and capsules between processes reduces the number of container movements and lowers labour requirements, whilst improvi...

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Formulation & Development Services

Accuprec Research Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Controlled release and Sustained Release Formulations

• Excipient Compatibility Selection and Optimization

• Formulation Development For New Chemical Entities (NCE)

• Lab Scale, Pilot Plant, Scale Up Production

• Novel Drug Delivery System for Existi...

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Oralvisc® Metabolic

Bioiberica S.A.U.

Oralvisc® Metabolic is an innovative formulation based on a patented composition of Glycosaminoglycans (Hyaluronic Acid and Dermatan Sulphate) and Vitamin C which contributes to the normal function of cartilage and metabolism. 

Oralvisc® Metabolic regulates the leptin ln the body, therefore improv...

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Zoledronic Acid for Injection

Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co., Ltd.

It is a bisphosphonate drug given intravenously to treat some bone diseases. It is used to prevent skeletal fractures in patients with cancers such as multiple myeloma and prostate cancer, as well as for treating osteoporosis.&nb...

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Tetanus Antitoxin (TAT)

Shenzhen JinRuiFeng Biotechnology Ltd (Shenzhen Golden Harvest Biotech Ltd.)

Antitoxin for tetanus infection. Used in emergency cares and after injuries. 

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STONEBREAKER extract 50ml


To disolve kidney stones

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Enterobiotic DS

Eskag Pharma Pvt Ltd

Lyophillized Saccharomyces boulardii in Dry Syrup form

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Promo Pharma Spa

Promo Pharma Spa offers a wide range of medical devices which includes xanacid. It is a medical device formulated to counteract the symptoms of irritation of the gastric mucosa: pain, burning and sense of acidity. Xanacid® acts by forming a barrier that protects the mucosa from the attack of the gastric juice...

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Zolpidem Tartrate Immediate Release Tablets

Pharmagona Ltd (UK)

Pharmagona ltd (uk) offers a wide range of products which includes zolpidem tartrate immediate release tablets. It belongs to finished dose pharmaceutical from category. Contact us for more information.

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Specialised Formulations

Pharma Access

Pharma Access offers wide range of products which includes specialised formulations. It is processing of highly active powders with critical oel (operator exposure level), which are subject to different process steps, considering several conditions such as avoiding human contact, avoid escape of product to en...

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Amoxicillin 125mg/5ml 100ml

Hangzhou NoroBio Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

Hangzhou NoroBio Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. offers a wide range of finished medicine which includes Amoxicillin 125mg/5ml 100ml. Contact us for more information.

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Vitamin Tablets (Vitamin K1 Tablets - The National Exclusive Dosage Form)

Brilliant Pharmacentical Co Ltd

Brilliant Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd offers a wide range of products which includes vitamin tablets (vitamin k1 tablets - the national exclusive dosage form). It belongs to hemostasis category. Advantages: the only one oral vitamin k1, high safety, low incidence of adverse reactions; mainly for the lack of vitam...

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Crude Ceftriaxone Sodium

Jiaozuo Joincare Biotechnological Co., Ltd

Jiaozuo Joincare Biotechnological Co., Ltd offers a wide range of products which includes Crude Ceftriaxone Sodium. Contact us for more information.

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