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22 Apr 2013

First patient treated with new drug for multiple myeloma

A phase II clinical trial will continue to test the effectiveness of a new drug for multiple myeloma.

A patient suffering with multiple myeloma has been treated with a human antibody drug in a phase II clinical trial of BI-505 from BioInvent International.
The drug binds to the ICAM-1 adhesion protein in an effort to attack myeloma cells, and in a number of animal trials, has been shown to be more effective at killing tumour cells than existing drugs, a statement from BioInvent claimed.
In the latest study, up to ten patients with smoldering multiple myeloma - patients who have not developed symptoms of the disease - will be treated with BI-505 and the disease will be evaluated for its activity.
Chief executive of BioInvent Cristina Glad said: "The first clinical study of BI-505 achieved our goals.
"The candidate drug was well tolerated and indicated therapeutic effect since seven of a total of 29 patients with advanced multiple myeloma demonstrated stable disease for at least two months."
It is estimated that as many as 40,000 new cases of multiple myeloma are diagnosed each year worldwide.

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