Flavored Capsules

Flavored Capsules
Product Description

At CapsCanada®, you’ll find product options to suit any taste – literally. Our unique Flavored Gelatin Capsules offer a delicious range of ways to deliver dosages, greatly enhancing the appeal of your products to consumers.

Going well beyond simply masking the often unpleasant taste and odor of pharmaceutical formulations, our Flavored Capsules make consuming prescribed medications and supplements an enjoyable experience. This not only helps ensure that consumers take their medications as required but also have a positive association with them – ultimately leading to greater preference for your brand and product.

Whether it is for standard pharmaceutical or alternative health/nutritional supplement applications, our Flavored Capsules can help your products stand out from competitors with the combined benefits of pleasant taste, matching scents and appealing colors. Set your brand and products apart even more with the unique flair of optional capsule printing of cartoon animal figures.

As with our standard gel capsules, our Flavored Capsules are produced with internally-sourced gelatin that is 100% bovine hide, non-GMO, BSE-Free and both Kosher and Halal certified.


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    Made from an exclusive formulation of hypromellose (HPMC) and hypromellose phthalate (HPMCP), our innovative AR CAPS® hard capsules provide exceptional resistance to gastric acids. As such, AR CAPS® prevent the release and absorption of drugs in the stomach, making them the perfect choice for a vast range of enteric delivery pharmaceutical applications.

    Especially ideal for delivery of probiotics and enzymatic formulations, AR CAPS® deliver medicinal contents for intestinal digestion, ultimately disintegrating in the duodenum. With AR CAPS®, costly and complex enteric coating processes are completely eliminated. There is no need to add acid-resistant chemicals, solvents or other types of protective coatings as would be necessary with other oral dosage forms such as tablets.

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    100% Pure Bovine Hide Capsules 

    The highest quality capsules begin with the highest quality gelatin. At CapsCanada®, the assurance of purity and integrity begins from the very start with our raw materials. Our gelatin is sourced directly from our own internal supplier with facilities based in South America.

    This gelatin is processed from only 100% bovine hide, which is both Kosher and Halal certified. We never use gelatin originating from genetically modified livestock and all of our raw materials are BSE-free.

    Only CapsCanada® can guarantee 100% sourcing of raw materials. Our internal supplier better enables us to ensure uninterrupted and reliable long-term supply, complete traceability and superior quality of our gelatin.

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