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70% of the new chemical entities (NCEs) synthesized are poorly soluble compounds, resulting in a low bioavailability. Bioavailability enhancement is the number one challenge in formulation development today. Xedev can help overcome complex bioavailability challenges and accelerate drug development process through superior formulation technologies and rigorous data-driven scientific approach. One of the main approaches to increase the solubility is by creating an amorphous solid dispersion. Amorphous solid dispersions can be created by different technologies such as spray-drying, spray-congealing and bead coating. After processing, the API is molecular dispersed in a polymeric matrix. The polymer is used to stabilise the amorphous, metastable form of the drug and sustain superstaturation of the API in biological fluids, thereby increasing the bioavailability.

Xedev bioavailability solutions:

Spray Drying Spray, Congealing, Bead Coating, Granulation
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Formulation development

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