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1 Jul 2020

FPS pays particular attention to the "mock-up" in the design stage

FPS mock up

The ability to listen and the flexibility in adapting to the needs of the customer are the strengths that over the years have rewarded FPS.

As far as containment systems are concerned, FPS usually proposes the construction of a mock-up of the system to be supplied. It is a structure that faithfully reproduces the machine on a 1:1 scale and provides a visual representation, as detailed as possible, of what the final system will look like. The way in which the mock-up is created allows the designer and the customer to easily make any changes and improvements during the verification stage. A mock-up is created to outline the aspects and some details that will make up the final machine, in order to establish the optimal positions of all the components, simulate the planned operations and examine any problems that were not discussed in the offer stage. The customer is supported in each stage by the project team, that under the coordination of the Project Manager, works together with the customer to find the best solutions. The objective of FPS is to be of service to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The mock-up is one of the tools that helps us be increasingly in tune with the expectations of our customers. 

FPS strongly believes in this sensitive stage because it allows to get a very accurate idea of the machine that will be manufactured, to optimize the ergonomics and logistics for the flow of components and to achieve savings in terms of costs and time on both sides. 

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