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5 Nov 2020

Freeze Drying System Technology: Best level of process-control and reproducibility for rapid, safe freeze drying of your high-quality product

With over 70 years of experience, Martin Christ is the leading producer of not only routine-process freeze dryers, but also of a series of product-specific, highly specialized lyophilizers from pilot to commercial production with far ending potential. Our freeze drying systems are used all over the world for all advanced applications. One of our key area of activity are pharmaceutical applications.

Customized Solutions Designed & Made in Germany for commercial use

The construction of customized systems for sterile production of pharmaceutical products can always be considered a top level core competence of Martin Christ.

In this sector too, our name stands for utmost customer satisfaction all over the world. We develop and manufacture to the highest pharmaceutical standards to provide the best benefits for our customers.

Due to the high value of these active pharmaceutical substances, the requirements on the reliability and the technical implementation are extremely stringent. Highly potent drugs require specific solutions to protect both the operator and the environment. Aseptic production over the entire process chain demands fully automatic loading and unloading, possibly in isolators, as well as a sterilisable freeze dryer design.

LyoShuttle is our very innovative new system for automatic loading and unloading, offering a variety of advantages compared to current industrial standards from robust in operation due to small number of moving parts up to simple cleaning and disinfection of the complete LyoShuttle system. It is very much designed for integration in an isolator environment.

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