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24 Jul 2019

Future Proof your Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Today’s Pharmaceutical Manufacturing landscape is seeing a change with companies moving away from having large-scale plants producing a small number of products. The increasing number of Generic alternatives to Patented products means facilities are producing a significantly higher number of products which in turn requires an ever-increasing level of flexibility.

With this market shift there is a growing need for manufacturers to update and adapt production and business processes. There’s never been a better time to future proof pharmaceutical manufacturing. But where do you start? In this article we’ll explore the technologies and strategies you need to consider when future proofing your business in this market.

New Drugs Evolving on the Pharmaceutical Market

It is not only the range of drugs on the market that is growing, but also the way these drugs are delivered - multi-layer products, micro tablets and other multi-particulate formulations. These new systems improve patient practicality, but from a manufacturing perspective, facilities will need to initiate more flexible equipment solutions to cater for these higher complexities in the production processes, if they are to remain competitive.

Volume is No Longer the Primary Concern

One of the principle challenges in Pharma Manufacturing has been that quality, safety and regulatory compliance has often been of greater importance than volume & efficiency. As manufacturers now need to compete in a price sensitive arena, volume and efficiency is key to profit and downtime is now a big problem. Unfortunately, there have been many regulatory actions taken against pharmaceutical OSD facilities in recent years. The foremost cause is that the facilities were old, with ageing pharmaceutical equipment. New technologies, embracing sealed, containment solutions are encouraged by pharmaceutical inspectors to mitigate contamination risks. Those that are quickest to adopt these technologies are outperforming their competitors and navigating regulatory landscape with ease.

What You Can Do to Stay Ahead of the Curve?

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