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11 Jul 2013

Galen Acquires Synera (Lidocaine 70 mg/Tetracaine 70 mg) Topical Patch

Galen, a Northern Ireland based pharmaceutical company, has acquired Synera (lidocaine 70 mg/tetracaine 70 mg) topical patch from ZARS Pharma Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Nuvo Research Inc. Synera is indicated for use on intact skin to provide local dermal analgesia for superficial venous access and superficial dermatological procedures such as excision, electrodessication and shave biopsy of skin lesions.  Galen US, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Galen Ltd., will market and sell Synera in the US.


Galen is dedicated to supporting the development and provision of innovative medicines in an effort to improve health worldwide. Speaking about the agreement to acquire Synera, Galen US, Inc. General Manager, Andrew Shales, commented: “We are delighted that we are now able to market and sell Synera in the US. Synera addresses an important need to provide local dermal analgesia, particularly in children 3 years or older. Hospitalized patients are routinely subjected to multiple superficial venous access procedures such as IV infusions and blood draws. We entered the US market in 2012 and this acquisition provides us with the opportunity to offer an exciting and innovative technology for patients needing local dermal analgesia.”  


For healthcare professionals who require further information about the product, including reimbursement, a dedicated helpline is available at +1 866 949 9277. It is the healthcare professional’s sole responsibility to determine and submit appropriate codes, charges, and modifiers for services rendered. Coverage, coding and reimbursement guidelines will vary according to individual insurance plans. Healthcare professionals should contact insurers to verify correct coding procedures prior to submitting claims related to Synera. In all cases, healthcare professionals will need to follow local payer policies for billing and reimbursement.


Synera will continue to be made available through wholesalers in the US.

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