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14 Jan 2014

Gamlen Tableting Extends Global Reach

Gamlen Tableting Limited has appointed Nihon Validation Technologies Corporation as the exclusive distributor of the Gamlen Tablet Press in Japan to further extend the global reach of the business.

Nihon Validation Technologies is a leading supplier of pharmaceutical laboratory equipment, specialising in dissolution testing products, and an experienced provider of validation and qualification services.

Offering the GTP-1 bench top computer controlled tablet press and its many associated accessories will enable Nihon Validation Technologies to substantially extend its product range.

The flexibility of the GTP-1 combined with its sophistication and its many applications in preformulation, formulation and process development, and Production, makes it particularly attractive in the Japanese market.


Dr Michael Gamlen, Managing Director, Gamlen Tableting commented: “The GTP-1 has attracted a truly global customer base. With increasing interest in the GTP-1 originating from Japan, the time was right for Gamlen Tableting to expand into this market. We are delighted to be working with Nihon Validation Technologies as the company has a proven history of providing high quality equipment and testing solutions.”

Atsushi Tanabe, Chief Executive Officer of the Nihon Validation Technology Corporation, said “We are looking forward to working with Gamlen Tableting Ltd to promote their excellent new product, which we believe has many potential sales in Japan. It builds on the excellent history of innovation within our own organisation”.
Nihon Validation Technologies has a staff of over 18 people with clients throughout the Japanese pharmaceutical industry.

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