About GAP S.A.

GAP is  vertically integrated Greek pharmaceutical company operating   under EUGMP HACCP from 1949.
GAP operates in the following business units:   
1. Softgel capsules Contract Manufacture (Rx, OTC, hormonal, food supplements)
2. Development, manufacture of innovative Generic formulations 3. Development, manufacture and promotion of Nutraceuticals, under our EVIOL brand or under private label.

  • GR
  • 2015
    On CPHI since
  • 2
  • 250 - 499
Company types
Primary activities
Contract Manufacturer
Pharmaceutical Company (generic finished products)
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Products from GAP S.A. (5)

  • Calcium &  Vitamin D3  Chewable tablet

    Product Calcium & Vitamin D3 Chewable tablet

    500 mg / 400 IU
    1000 mg / 800 IU

    Prevention and treatment of calcium and vitamin D deficiency & osteoporosis treatment

  • Innovative Food Supplements

    Product Innovative Food Supplements

    GAP offer its own brand for Food Supplements for Distribution or Pvt LabelOur formulas developed are ALL based on EFSA claims and cover many therapeutical categories: (ex. Mental Health, Sleep Disorders, Boosting Imune System etc)

    For full range please refer of the formulas we offer please g...
  • Tadalafil soft caps

    Product Tadalafil soft caps

    GAP specialises in innovative generics. GAP has developed TADALAFIL in soft caps offering unique marketing opportunities compared to standard generics in tablets.

    Indications:Genito-urinary System Erectile dysfunction
    Only 5 mg: benign prostatic dysfunction
    Only 20 mg: treat pulmon...
  • Isotretinoin soft caps

    Product Isotretinoin soft caps

    GAP is offering for out licence ISOTRETINOIN soft caps 5-10-20-40mg with the most updated BE study (2018) 

    GAP manufacturers per year over 250 milion caps of Isotretinoin Product is offered  for licensing or contract manufacture  agreement
  • Contract Manufacture for Soft Gelatin Capsules

    Product Contract Manufacture for Soft Gelatin Capsules

    GAP specializes in soft caps technology since the mid 70s  and has developed many products in soft capsules.With its cutting edge equipment serves as a CMO to numerous pharma companies in EU.

    GAP as the capability  to encapsulate  under EuGMP, HACCP and Saudi FDA:
    -  pharma (R...

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