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  • Labrafil®

    Product Labrafil®

    Labrafil® is a nonionic water-dispersible surfactant for lipid-based formulations used to solubilize and increase the oral bioavailability of poorly water-soluble APIs. The Labrafil® series include: Labrafil® M 1944 CS, Labrafil® M 2125 CS, and Labrafil® M 2130 CS.
  • Labrasol®

    Product Labrasol®

    Labrasol® is a nonionic oil-in-water surfactant used as a solubilizer in topical formulations, and bioavailability enhancer in oral formulations.
  • Compritol®

    Product Compritol®

    Compritol® is a versatile excipient for modified release formulations, and may be used in direct compression, melt granulation, melt extrusion, and other processes to obtain a customized drug release profile.  With GRAS status, neutral flavor, and high safety profile, Compritol® is commonly used in...