Product description

 Whatever your food application, FoodGel® Gelatin will help you select the gelatin with the right set of functionalities. FoodGel® Gelatin is a perfect ingredient for the food and nutrition markets: clear label, pure protein of natural origin (no e-numbers), fat- and carbohydrate-free. From a production perspective, it enables to increase  productivity and reduce costs. FoodGel® Gelatin avoids the risk of cross-contamination of actives and help manufacturers develop high-quality, functional food and nutrition products.CapGel® Gelatinsis the best choice for capsules production. CapGel® Gelatins can make it eaiser by giving capsules a smoother texture and enhanced swallowability. CapGel® Gelatins offer capsule stability and which can withstand one of the most complicated active ingredients.
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Categories Natural ExtractsFood Additive; Natural ExtractsFunctional Food Ingredients; BiopharmaceuticalsProtein chemistry
Sales markets Middle East; Asia; Australia; Africa; Central/South America
Supplied from China

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